The surrealist art movement has been a huge influence on my working practice, right from my earliest days as an art student and throughout my working life. These days the visual language of surrealism can be seen everywhere, especially within popular culture. The bringing together of unexpected elements to create something new and startling remains an exciting way to work and as such it has become one of the bedrocks of illustration.

Here is a selection of images from recent years that are created in that tradition.

Transfer l, Transfer ll

Bird On A Wire Preparatory drawing(s) and final image

Nuclear Bloom, Abduction


Hot Brands Two versions of a cover for Market Watch looking at the most popular wines and spirits

Nip & Tuck

Koumpounophobia The medical term for button phobia


Food on the Brain Supplement cover image for Scientific American Mind about the effects different foods can have on our thought processes

A Rare Groove Exploring ideas of sound and memory

Every Valley Public Service Broadcasting album review illustration for Prog and preparatory work

Magical Contagion How memorabilia fulfills a need for social connection

Blood Simple

A Sedentary Life

Breaking Barriers

The Business Cycle Supplement cover for The Economist about the the nature of the corporate world