Extreme Stress

Employee Stress

New illustrations for a major story in the latest issue of Security Management magazine. In response to employee feelings of stress and burn-out, employers are looking at ways to offer more pro-active support.

Employee Stress

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GIST Tumors

GIST tumor

New illustration for John at Forward magazine for Fox Chase Cancer Center. To accompany an article about a new targetted treatment for GIST tumors.

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Collector Car Market

Classic Car

I received a request from Matt asking if I was interested in producing an image for the Insider column of Radius magazine about the collector car market. It was a refreshing change - a whole different array of shapes and textures. The story itself was about the best strategies to employ in order to build a diverse and rewarding collection of vintage cars. As there was nothing too editorially specific to illustrate it felt like something more collage-like or abstract could work well. Here is the completed image, published spread, and below the submitted pencil sketch which was submitted for approval before artwork was commenced.

Classic Cary

Classic Car


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Firefighter's App


This is an online illustration for Middlebury. A story about firefighter who has created an app for use with large-scale wildfires. A way to keep track real-time of resources during fighting fires for both personnel and supplies.

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Therapy Time


Catherine at The New York Times mailed me with an illustration request for a piece in the Paula Span column. The subject matter concerned a new Medicare regulation that effectively shortens the amount of time that physical therapists have to assist their patients.

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Deloitte Insights

Electronic Eye

I was asked by Mark at Deloitte Services to produce a number of illustrations for their Technology, Media and Telecommunications brochure, Deloitte Insights, Predictions 2020. Subjects ranged from smart-phones, wi-fi and robots through to audio-books, microchips and cycling.

TV and Robots

Image content had already been agreed on the clients side so this was a case of realising the images rather than conceptualising. Twelve illustrations were wanted in total with plenty of background area to facilitate any additional uses.

Audio Books

AVOD and Content Delivery


AI chips and Broadband


Cycling Technology and wi-fi

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Wine and Spirits Distribution

Wine and Spirit Distribution

Art Director Todd from Market Watch got in touch wanting an image that represented wine distribution from the wholesaler to the retailer/consumer in the era of e-commerce. Indications of a network hub, transportation and storage were requested elements.

I'm a big fan of negative shapes and I quickly saw how one could work well in this instance. Once I had that working as the point of focus it was then a case of working out a design to incorporate the various items and deciding on a colour palette.

Wine and Spirit Distribution

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Hospitals & Health Care

CBD Products

Ryan called with an assignment for Virginia Living magazine, illustrations for a special section on hospitals and health care. The first one here was about CBD products, followed by a more general image for the opener.

Health Care

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Continuing to work on giclée print designs in between commercial assignments. At the moment focussing on monochromatic palettes, distressed paper surfaces and simple figure forms.

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The Opioid Crisis


A new assignment from ASIS International with a cover and spread for Security Management magazine. This time the theme centred around the seriousness of opioid addiction in the workplace and the inherent dangers therein. Fatalities being a very real risk.

As usual the corporate cover style is to use black backgrounds with a dominant spot color.


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