NYU Physician illustrations

Just completed this opener and a couple of spots for NYU Physician magazine. Essentially an overview of recent medical news. They liked earlier medical pieces of mine and wanted something in a similar vein (no pun intended!).
References in the copy to breast cancer, genetics, epilepsy, dirty clouds and research were all included in the illustration. Here's the finished piece dropped into the dummy layout.

Below is a closer look at a section of the finished art together with my initial pencil sketch.


Here is one of the two spots for the same issue of NYU Physician. The news item was about breast cancer. An 'elegant' treatment of the subject was requested together with a pastel coloured palette. I have a tendency to veer towards strong vibrant colours and it was felt that would not be an appropriate treatment for this piece.

The pattern on the dress is made up of X chromosomes showing the tips (telomeres) which can decay causing DNA issues as seen in cancers. The DNA is referenced in the earring.