Headaches and Treatments

Tammy from Consumer Reports got in touch and had a piece about self-care strategies for treating headaches/migraines. Something quite straightforward was required, depicting the problem and the three solutions for treatment i.e medicines, dietary changes and exercise.

Above is the printed page and a few initial sketches showing how the migraine could be depicted.


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New composition, figure with collaged, ephemeral elements - vintage look.

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A new sketchbook page.

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Another design in an occasional series of combinations - sculptural figure/forms with elements of clothing/fashion.

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Seated Figure with Hat

Self-generated image - another variation on the seated figure theme (click for enlargements).

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Healthy Aging

I was contacted by Peggy from Tufts University in Boston requesting a homepage image that captures the work of the university-based research centre. Tufts are one of the largest research centers in the world studying healthy aging and its relationship to nutrition and physical activity. The brief was to produce a design that included the various elements involved in the research and that sat well with their established website style.

Above is my initial submission (click for enlargement) that I produced after the sketch below had been accepted and approved. Usually I adhere pretty religiously to an accepted sketch but in this case things started to change when working on the artwork and I felt that the re-arranged elements just had more visual interest.

As it turns out the client preferred the original design, so I worked up the revised version below. Colours were then shifted more towards a blue which synched better with the website than the coral tones above.

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Floral Forms

Floral Form 01

Experimenting with the combination of fashion and floral elements, focussing on form as opposed to the decoration/design of fabric.

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Biology & Botany

Combining ideas of biology and botany.

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An AI Odyssey

Cori at Common Ground magazine called with an assignment based on how AI is being used in community associations. A cover and full page illustration were required.
Artificial intelligence is more reality than science fiction these days but no one is quite sure how to harness the technology. Community association boards and managers have a lot of questions and angst over it. Others believe it will improve productivity. How best to proceed?
I was given the working title “An AI Odyssey” intended to play off of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Topcoat 02

Imagined Sculptures: Topcoat. Combining sculptural forms with elements of fashion/clothing and how it may look in a speculative magazine spread.


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